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Dear wedding couple

Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy spending some time here. I take a lot of pride in my work and I’m honored that you will be taking the time to look through my website. This also means that you have good taste in photographers…

Celebrating 10 years as a Professional Photographer, I realise every day how lucky I am to call this my profession. I get to tell your stories through my photographs.

I mean, is that even a real job? How is this possible?! Lucky me!

Who am I?

I live in Durbanville, Cape Town, with my wife, Iza, and son, Wilhelm. I have an unhealthy affinity for litchis, love rugby and fluff bridal dresses on most Saturdays. Strange mix…

With more than four hundred weddings under my belt, I have tasted EVERY type of wedding cake, heard the worst speeches as well as Oscar-winning tear-jerking speeches and even seen two golden oldies making out on the dance floor. Yep.

I’m curious about EVERYTHING (but not so much about golden oldies’ lip-locking, though). I obsessed  with photography and can talk about it 15 hours non-stop. I love people and I love weddings.

With that said, I also love Cape Town, my country and I am very proud to be a South African. And I have a thing for sunsets… For more about me click here

My philosophy on wedding photography

I believe that documenting one’s legacy is a big honor. I will capture your BID DAY which will tell the story of your wedding day to your children and grandchildren. Documenting love and special moments between you and your loved ones and helping to create a family history will be my privilege. It’s a huge responsibility and I don’t take it lightly. This is not just a job for me, it’s my passion and that’s why I approach it with respect.

My style

I love people, nature and sunsets.

That is what you will see mostly. Real unposed moments. Shiny eyes between newly-weds. Affirmation of love between family members hugging each other. Stolen moments, when you’re taking a breather, and taking the enormity of this most special of all days in.

And of course – Nature showing her glorious beauty. A lot of it. Together with my signature sunset shots – weather and Mother Nature of course permitting (but in that case I will have some other magical tricks up my sleeve).

Wedding venues and wedding dresses

There is almost no venue where I have not shot before. And the number of wedding dresses and bridesmaid’s dresses I have seen is endless.

Please feel free to browse my site for some inspiration. Click on Full Weddings for details on all the service providers used at various weddings.

If you need some advice on deciding on a venue you’re welcome to drop me a line. I aim to please.

Your story

I think I am a pretty amazing photographer (and maybe a bit delusional). Ok, I am trying to be! If you are a stylish, cool, calm and collected couple looking for awesome stories and memories, I am your guy.

Pause the latest episode of The Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy or Game of Thrones and e-mail me. I will email you an info pack with all the packages, services and options that I offer.

Thanks again for reading all the way through. I am impressed already!





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Wedding photography
Wedding photographer
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