FAQ Wedding photography

FAQ Wedding photography


How would you describe your style?
I shoot what I see. I love different angles. To see pictures from a different perspective. I love unposed stuff.
I love expressions. My job at weddings is to tell the story.

Your personality?
All-rounder. People say I have the ability to communicate with many different types of people. I love people. Their quirks. Their stories. I think I stay level-headed in stressful situations.  I feed off the pressure of a wedding.
Although I am very much in the background at the wedding I can easily get on a table to gather 200 people for a big group shot. I am basically perfect. (My wife would say a bit delusional…)

What is the most rewarding part of wedding photography?
When I hand the final product to the bridal couple, and I see smiles mixed with tears. Also, the wedding cake.

What things would you look for in a photographer’s portfolio if you were getting married?
I would look at full weddings. I normally divide a wedding into a few groups. Bridal and preparation, grooms, ceremony, couple shoot, group photos, décor and details and reception. If a photographer is solid in ALL of them, then you are halfway there.


What equipment do you use? Do you have back-up equipment?
Yes, I do have back-up equipment. I use Nikon all the way

D800 Body
D700 Body
D300 Body

24-70 f2.8,
80-200 F2.8
105 Macro F2.8
50 mm F1.8
85 mm F1.4

1 x SB900
2 x SB800
1 x SB600
1 x SB700

Thinktank Airport roller bag
A bunch of light modifiers

1 x Profoto B1



How much will my wedding photography cost?
The cost of our wedding photography is determined by the level of coverage you choose. My packages start at R15 000 for a 7 Hours (2016)
If you have shorter weddings, weekday weddings please note that in the email as different rates will apply.
Please email me with your details. Please include date, venue, time. The more info you can provide the better.

How many photographs do you take?
It depends on each wedding. Minimum of 500. Normally more.

Do you provide black and white images?
Yes. I shoot in colour, but during the editing process I will change some photos to black and white , depending on the look and feel of the photo.

What about negatives?
Since I shoot in digital the disk that you get with your package is your “negatives”.  This is the same disk that I will be using to make your prints. This is in high resolution. This is NOT watermarked.
You can make your own reprints for the whole family. You are welcome to copy the disk for friends and family. This will be in JPG.

Can I negotiate for a better price?

No, but you can contact me with special requests. I am friends with most of the other top photographers and know exactly what the various people charge. My rates are very competitive for the product that I deliver – in the end one should always remember “you get what you pay for”.

If you are getting married during the week I might be able to discount some of the packages for selected dates.

I do understand that you have a certain budget and I can refer you to photographers which are in your range .

How will my photos and album be delivered?
I prefer couples to come and pick up their photos and/or album themselves. That way I can make sure that you receive your order in good condition. Albums can be couriered to you at an extra charge.




How does copyright work?
I have copyright on all images for commercial purposes. You are welcome to use them for competitions, etc. When your uncle, who owns the venue where you got married, want to use some of the photos in a magazine for advertisements he needs to contact me regarding rates.
I do retain the right to publish all wedding photos on my website, advertising mediums, magazines, etc. If you are in a witness protection programme or something and this really will be a problem, please let me know and I will def accommodate you.

Deposit, bookings and cancellations

Can you please hold our date?
After some “lessons” in the past, I don’t keep a date for anyone unless the deposit is paid.  I don’t own pencils 🙂

Our wedding has been cancelled/moved can we get our deposit back?
The concept of a deposit is to secure my service for that particular day. If your wedding is moved to another date for which I am available you can transfer the deposit to that booking.
If I am already booked for your new date the deposit is waivered.
If your wedding is cancelled the deposit is waivered.

How do we book you?
1. Please check the exact date first. I prefer e-mail as I am not always at my computer to check my diary.
2. When this is done, pay the deposit into my account and please e-mail me proof of payment.
3. Arrange a date for a consultation ASAP.
4. You are also more then welcome to come and chat first before you book.

How much of a retainer is required to save our date?
The deposit is R5000.

How long in advance must we book you?
Depends on the date. I have been booked four days before a wedding. I have also been booked 18 months in advance.



 Consultation and venue scouting

Do you offer a pre-wedding consultation? If so, is this included in the packages or does it require an additional fee?
Yes, I prefer to meet with the couple at least 3 months before the wedding, if possible. If not, then we need to do it on the phone/Skype. This process normally takes about an hour. I have a lot of tips and tricks to share with you to help you maximise my service on the day and smooth the process for all the service providers.
I prefer to do it at my home in Pinehurst, Durbanville. This consultation will then be free.
Should you wish that I come and see you the rate is R500 + travel costs (R3 per km)
This is normally done on Monday nights. Email me for a slot.

Can you view a wedding venue before the wedding?
This can be arranged. I have probably been to your venue. If you would still want me to go there the cost are R500 + travel costs (R3 per km).




What are your travel costs?
With weddings the first 200 km on the roundtrip is included. Thereafter it’s R4 per km.
Accommodation is normally required for weddings 100 km from Cape Town for me. I prefer to arrange this myself. Work on R600 pp for accommodation.



Destination Weddings

Do you travel for weddings?
For sure! I have done weddings in all nine provinces in South Africa. The travel cost outside the Western Cape (when I will need to fly) will be around R4000, give or take.



Post Processing

How important is post-processing in your final images?
Also called “editing” I believe this is a crucial part of what I have to offer.  I believe in keeping the image as natural as possible. Just enhancing the colours and contrast a bit to create a mood.

Will all my photos be Photoshopped?
Only the images as per package will be edited. If I edit all 1000 images taken I would be spending about 2000 minutes (33 hours). This obviously will be charged for.

Can you remove my mole, make me skinny, add some muscles,  put me on an iceberg?
No. I keep the photos as close to the actual day as possible. I don’t do major surgery. Again this takes time which can add up to the costs.


Looking through your portfolio you have some stunning & beautifully lit images.
What kind of lighting set-ups do you use when you’re on location?
I am a big fan of the strobist concept. I love natural light, but sometimes you need a kiss of the flash to add to the image. I do this when necessary.

On the day

How long time do we need for the couple shoot?
Without travel, I need about 60 minutes. This will ensure that you get the standard that you see on my website.

How do you get your couples to look so un-posed?
I love it when couples interact. I would give a bit of direction to them, though. Only about 10% of the photos will have you actually looking direct at me and the camera.

Will we notice you a lot on the day?
I try to stay in the background at all times, especially during the ceremony. I will definitely still get the “important” shots.

My friend/brother/mother is a budding photographer who probably will be shooting as well. Is this fine?
I don’t have a problem as long as they understand that I have a timeframe/plan to which I work. If they are constantly reposing people while I’m busy, then we are wasting everybody’s time.  You also don’t want your photos spoiled by a paparazzi in the background. When doing groups shots you don’t want everybody looking in different directions because of 4 cameras. On the red carpet this is fine, but it’s probably going to look silly in your album. If somebody becomes an irritation, I will ask them only once to get out of the way. If they don’t want to, then they can take over.

Please remember that you have a professional there. It’s always so sad to see pictures of the happy couple walking out of the church, confetti flying, and both mothers of the couple taking pictures with a cell phone. Rather participate in your children’s special day.

Family photos

Do you take any formal wedding photographs?
Yes. A lot of people don’t like them, but afterwards they are usually very happy we took them. These are usually the ones that are also used for enlargements.
It only takes a couple of minutes. Believe me, you will thank me afterwards.

Can you take table shots of all the guests?
No. I keep moving between people getting “in the moment” shots. I really dislike table shots. This is not practical at all. I rather suggest we do group shots together with the family shots. It’s always nice to do this while at the pre-drinks. It’s interactive and enjoyable for all. Hopefully everybody will still look decent. If you do want this at the reception please have at look at my photo corner as an add-on.

You will need to provide us with a list of the various groups that you want to be photographed, say, like different groups of friends. Please arrange for a “traffic officer” to get the relevant group together for each shot.
I normally work on about 1min per photo. Twenty group shots will thus take 20min.

After the wedding

When do we get wedding photographs?
On average it’s usually after 3 weeks.

When do we pay you?
In the week before the wedding is fine. Please note that Editing will only start once the final payment has been made.

Courier cost?
If you want me to courier the photos to you, you are looking at about:
R120 in RSA (counter to counter)
R450 overseas
Full payment needs to be made before I send the photos.

What can we do to help?

1. Enjoy your day. Don’t worry about photos. That is my job. I know what I am doing.
2. Get a realistic timeline (I will help you with this during the consultation).
3. Group shot list.
4. Make sure your MC has a timeline and keeps to it.
5. Directions/GPS co-ordinates to the bride, ceremony and reception.
6. Drink a lot of water.

Engagement shoot

Do you include an engagement shoot?
Yes, I do engagement shoots as an optional extra. Packages start at R3500. If you are already booked for a wedding with me its R3000


Do you work with an assistant?
I don’t. I request that the couple ask one of their friends or family to help us during the couple shoot (1 Hour)

Do we have to provide you with seating and a meal?
Yes. Otherwise, I might have pop out to KFC and miss your opening dance. I also need a place to sit down and take a break and somewhere safe to leave my equipment.

Other Questions

Do you offer a website?
Yes, a Teaser of 5 photos in the first 2 weeks
You will be on my blog about 8-12 weeks after the wedding. (100 photos)

Do you offer coffee table books?
Yes, as an optional extra or as part of a package.

Do you shoot only digital?

Do you only shoot weddings?
No, I do a range of photography. See my Lifestyle section on my website.

Do you back-up photos?
Yes, Yes and Yes again! I do suggest that once you received your disc that you make your own back-ups.

Can I come and assist/second shoot for you?
I get this question at least once a week. I have two people working on a permanent basis for me. They know what I need from them. I can’t expect a couples’ wedding to be a training school for somebody else.
I don’t take in any additional assistants to weddings.

If you miss my wedding do you have a photographer who can take your place?
After 400 weddings I haven’t missed a single wedding. Not planning to do so soon, either. I would shoot with a drip if I have to. I am friends with A LOT of photographers. Although I can’t promise anything, I will do my utmost best to get an excellent photographer in my place if need be.

Finally, why should I book you?
Judge me on my work. If it touches you, contact me. If the price is within your budget come and meet me.
You will quickly know if we gel.

Hopefully, I answered some of your questions. Please shout if you have more questions