Recent Weddings

Wedding photography has evolved so much over the past few years. With the digital age, gone are the days of taking 2 rolls of film. We are now up to the point where you can provide a client with 500+ images documenting the day from beginning to end.


Wedding Venues - Full Weddings- South Africa
To see a teaser of the wedding that was done in the past 2 weeks please click here. It will normally have 4 to 5 photos as it is literally a teaser photo of the wedding to come once editing  has been completed.

Full Weddings All images by To see a selection of full weddings please click here. This is normally about 80-120 photos of the 500 final images for each wedding. The wedding photos  should be in the order of how the day unfolded. This gives friends and family that are sitting far away the opportunity to view the couple’s wedding. It also gives prospective brides the opportunity to view some “complete” weddings to get an idea of my style throughout the day. Not only the highlights.
It’s a great way to review a wedding photographer’s work. This will also give you and idea of the major Wedding venues in the Western Cape and South Africa.