Wedding Tips: Get info (Week 22)

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Wedding Tips: Get info (Week 22)

Wedding photo official

Wedding Tips: Get as much info from the Officiant/Pastor/Minister as possible.

As a seasoned professional Wedding Photographer, I have encountered many different personalities marrying couples. This range of people giving me freedom to do what I want right through to people not wanting a photographer in the church. I have been lucky in that haven’t had many issues. I personally respect where they are coming from. I am a guest in their “territory”. I will play by their rules. As long as the couple is aware of the “rules”.

I, therefore, ask my couples to find out exactly what his/her requirements are and they “sign off” on this. Once You have this info please communicate it through to me. Nothing worse than preparing for one situation and then being surprised in the moment.

In any case, I will respect the holiness of the ceremony and will try as far as possible to be stealth and ninja like. If I know my boundaries I will be a happy camper even more!


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