Behind the Scenes

Shooting the Groom


What happens at a wedding stays at a wedding… Well, maybe not. Here is a little sneak behind the scenes. As guests we only see one part of the wedding. What is it like to step behind the scenes and see what goes on “backstage”? 


In this Episode we look at what goes on behind the scenes with shooting the Groom


Styling and Posing him to get the best possible shot.


 * If you are a bride/groom (old or new), or in the industry would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below any tips/experiences that you can add. 

** If you know of a future bride or groom to be, please tag them in the comments (or share). 

They might just find this useful 

Thanks for watching! 



Music by: 

Otis McDonald – Not For Nothing

Wedding shot at the amazing Diamant Estate in Paarl.

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