Rates - Digital services

What’s included?

Obviously every business is different and would require different services. Although this page gives a rough guide on pricing every project will differ. Please send me as much  info as possible to properly do an estimation.

My aim is to provide sustainable pricing that will ensure that I can offer a quality service as well as provide the value to help your brand grow.


Corporate photography
Architectural photography
Interior photography
Environmental portraits
Product photography
Industrial photography

How long before we get the photos?

This will depend on the project but Commercial projects are normally within 48Hours.

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Photography RATES:

2 Hour Photoshoot(minimum)

 R4000 is the minimum cost on all shoots and normally include shooting for up to 2 Hours. This also includes basic editing according to the client’s brief. 

Price: R4000

** Travel fee may be added to certain locations.

HAlf Day Photoshoot (4 Hours)

4 Hours allows us a few more locations to get a larger variety. 

Price: R6500

Full Day Photoshoot (8 Hours)

Booking out 1 full day is probably the best way to get amazing photos if you have lots of content that needs to be photographed.

Price: R9500



Video is more difficult to price as there are so many variables. The rates mentioned below are a rough guide and I will try to quote as accurately as possible but the final cost my differ depending on the “level” of detail and revisions.

Pricing are normally divided into two parts:

1. The Actual shooting on the day

2. The Editing afterwards

2. The Editing Afterwards

This will completely depend on each project brief and on the amount and level of editing needed. Most 3 – 5min videos work out to R4000- R6000 per video.

If you do a series the first video is normally the most expensive  (R10 000Estimate) as we need to choose and create:

1. Bookends (intro and out-tro) *
2. Sourcing and choosing of copyright music *
3. Creating of Thumbnail Template*
4. Use logo, fonts and CTA (call to action)*
5. Transcribing and subtitles
6. Sourcing Copyright free graphics
7. Sourcing copyright free Stock Video
8. Slicing and editing video footage
9. Transitions
10. Sound editing
11. Export to different formats
12. Change to different aspect ratios

*This can be seen as a setup cost and can be used for all future videos.

Digital Marketing packages:


R 5 000
  • - 1 Hour consultation (Digital marketing)
  • - Headshots 5 people
  • - Photos inside/outside premises


R 6 000
  • - 1 Hour consultation (Digital marketing)
  • - Headshots x 1 person (2 looks)
  • - 1 min video with music and logo
  • - 3-4 Hours (half day)


R 10 000
  • - 2 x 1 Hour consultation (Digital marketing)
  • - Headshots 10 people
  • - Photos inside/outside premises
  • - 1 min video with music and logo


R 20 000
  • - 3 x 1 Hour consultation (Digital marketing)
  • - Headshots 10 people
  • - Photos inside/outside premises
  • 2 Short videos
  • Providing content to complete 3 platforms of your choice:
  • Google my Business, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google +

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