Headshot photographer in Cape Town


20 Years ago people used business cards to make connections. Now Digital is EVERYTHING.

Yes the world changed, but people still buy from people. So the question is how do you seperate yourself from all the digital noise.

I think its about matching your digital identity with who you are in the real world.



Why a good headshot?

I help companies show who the people are behind their Logo by providing professional, friendly and inviting headshots for their Websites, Social media and all other forms of communication. Together with product shots, environmental photography and video marketing I ensure that their digital image reflects their “real life” values​

How long does it take?

It takes met about 45min to 60min to set up all the lights and equipment. A session normally lasts between 10min-30min per person depending on what you want to achieve with the head shots. 

With big groups and limited time, we can easily fit 6 people per hour. You will get a high Res disc with all the usable images of the day. We will take neutral as well as friendly images. You can use what you need. Photos will be ready within 2 working days.

Make-up and Hair

Depending on your industry it might be good idea to get in a professional hair and make-up artist.


Backgrounds are normally not needed as we will shoot against a blank wall in the boardroom but if this is needed please advise ASAP so that I can confirm rental availability as well as costs involved.​


Depending on the company brief and style guide we will hopefully get friendly, confident and inviting images. It's my job to make you look amazing. Part of this is using posing to make you look amazing!

What is the Price?

Pricing for headshots is different as there is a lot more equipment needed and to make it easy to price for clients this is charged per person. (not time based). It gets more cost effective the more people are being photographed.
1-5 Persons – R4000
5-10 Persons – R5500
11+ persons – R500 per person
20+ Persons – R450 per person
50+ Persons – R350 per person

As you can see it is quite expensive if there is few people so my advice to would be to club together and do enough people to make it more cost effective. 

* This includes all my equipment usage(excluding backgrounds*) as well as all travel costs in the Northern Suburbs.

Behind the scenes

See what happens on commercial shoots