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If you ended up on this page you are probably looking for a corporate headshot photographer in the Cape Town.

If that is the case, you are in the right place.

Please look through this info page. Hopefully it will give you an idea of my headshot photography and answer some initial questions.

Riekert Cloete

Headshot Portfolio

You are welcome to browse through my portfolio. This is an initial selection of images. Once you have gone through the info page please feel free to click through to my full business photography portfolio.

Who am I?

My name is Riekert. I am a photographer based in Durbanville. I live with my wife and my two boys. I love business and I love people!

Corporate headshots give me the opportunity to blend those two.

Twenty years ago people used business cards to make connections, now digital is everything. Yes, the world changed, but people still buy from people.

The question is: How do you separate yourself from all the digital noise?

I think it’s all about matching your digital identity with who you are in the real world.

My job is to make your company look professional. 

So check out my work and connect with me if you want to know more.

Previous clients include:

Headshots photographer Cape Town

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The next question is always: How much?

Like the question: “How much for a house?” there are many factors that influence the costs. 

The best is to contact me on with your brief. 

You are also welcome to fill in the contact form

5 Reasons why you need a professional headshot?

1. It gives a face to your company. 

In today’s digital world we are all tired of big faceless corporations with huge call centres.

We want to form relationships. That is why we have: OUR doctor, OUR hairdresser and even OUR waiter.  Putting a photo next to your name makes it more personal.


2. Matching your digital identity with who you are in the real world.

How many times have we had great service from a company? You tell your friends about them. They go onto their website and there’s just nothing going on. It is an immediate let-down to a prospective client, and they’ll just keep on browsing, looking for another, better and more visible company to provide the service they are seeking.


3. Stand-out from the digital noise

Whenever I go onto my facebook feed all I see is cats, babies and blurred out travel photos. When a great photo comes along, I stop and I notice.


4. Adds Credibility

How many times have you gone onto a website and all you see is a faceless shape sitting there? Your first thought? SCAM.


5. Looks professional

Plainly put – it just looks professional. Why would you invest R500 000 with someone if the photos on his site looks like it has been taken with a cell phone?

Where can I use my headshots?

So Obviously a headshot goes a long way. But where exactly can we use it?

1. Website
2. All the different social media channels
3. Linkedin
4. Press releases
5. Advertising including Bill boards and on cars
6. Blogs and Guest Blogs
7. Bios for trade magazines, media articles and printed media
8. Business card
9. Bottom of your signature

11 tips on what to wear for your headshot session

Although we want to fit into a profile and specific look for the website and the company but you want the photos to be great representation of who you are

1.       The brief

It is important to know what the backdrop will be.  Normally management would decide this as part of the brief. Please ask them then you know not to wear white shirt on a white wall


2.       Dress Code

Find out if there is a specific dress code. Do you wear uniforms? Ties? No ties? 
You don’t picth up with your flipflops and everybody else is in Suits.


3.       Like what you wear

IF you feel confident you are going to look confident on camera. Enough Said.


4.       Jewelry

Less is more. You don’t want bird cages hanging from your ears. Guys, this applies to you as well.


5.       Waist up

Photos will be shot from the waist up so don’t worry too much about what you are going to wear.


6.       Logos and brand

Please limit all over the top patterns,  Logos and brands. 


7.       Lint/Dust Bunnies

Please choose something that doesn’t have to much “Fluff Bolletjies”


8.       Final Check
Do a final check right before you sit down to make sure you look great.


9.       Outfit Change
Bring a second set of clothing if you are unsure of the brief. 


10.   No hats and sunglasses
Please don’t wear sunglasses or hats except if you are 50cent. If you don’t know who that is, don’t worry you will be fine.


11.   Rest up
Sleep well and drinks lots of water beforehand

What are the options regarding locations?

Although I have access to a studio in Durbanville, most of my clients prefer that I come to them.

I would typically come in, set-up beforehand in the boardroom, and then we do the shoot right there.

It normally takes about an hour for set-up and then 5-10 minutes per person.

What background should we use?

That is a tricky decision to make and it is something that the client would have to make. This will depend on your website, your industry, and what you want to achieve in your overall branding. 
Do you want something that is busy and lively or more plain and neutral?

It can be in the boardroom, outside in a factory, anything that would fit the feel of what you want to achieve on your website.

Another option would be to go to an alternative location.  This can be costly, it can take some time and money to source.


The popular “clean look” would be to shoot against a wall or renting in a background. I personally like neutral colours, especially something like grey.

It really works well with websites, skin tones and clothing. We will chat about this during the brief and decide which colour background to rent in if needed.

How often do you need to update your headshot?​

We all have that one photo taken a few years back:

You looked amazing, Your skin looked good, You were thin, You looked 27 Forever

My experience is that companies normally redo their headshots every 2/3 years.  Obviously it is industry specific.

If you have a high staff turnover that is normally more often

The idea would be that you kind of look like your photo on the website

Why do I enjoy/like headshots so much?

Whenever people enter the boardroom, they come and sit down and you can see the fear and anxiety on their faces. The boss instructed them to get some shots, but they don’t want to be here. Understandable.

So what I have to do is to work with some lighting, the correct lens, some posing and posture and we try to get the best shot that we can.

When they finally come around and look at the back of the camera – that is the moment I love the most.


They look at the photo and they see and realise – they look amazing.

The come in all groggy, you make their day and they leave with a smile.