Rates - Matric Farewell

What’s included?

A Matric Farewell session with me normally lasts up to 2 hours during which time we’ll laugh and play together. (You’ll hardly notice a camera is present.)

This normally includes a minimum of 100 photos and you will get this at full resolution on a DVD disc.

You can book a session for you and your partner or you can club together with other couples and split the costs for the 2 hours.

Why a Matric Farewell shoot?


Documenting important milestones in your life is a privilege that people did not have 100 years ago. To capture the moments with your best friends starting the journey of adulthood.
You will have AWESOME pics to show to your grandkids some day… “Yip,  I looked AMAZING”.

Can we do groupshots?

Of course! Photos with family and friends!

How long before we get the photos?

The photos are normally ready within 1 day. It will be delivered online via Wetransfer

What is the Price?

The fee is R4000 per session.

 Your R4000 session fee includes up to 2 Hours of shooting, my travel to and from the session site (Cape Town, Peninsula, Northern Suburbs).
You are more than welcome to split the costs between a few couples
** Travel fee may be added to certain locations.

Where will we shoot?

 Where ever you like! As you have seen on my website I LOVE nature. So any chance I can get to take people outside I will do it!  Whatever works the best for you guys.

I know of a few locations and this will depend on what you want. 

This may include:Forests, Mountains, vineyards, Beaches, Fields, City.

Contact me now for availability