Saltwater dresses, interruptions and preparations

Bride and groom in small wave at beach during sunset

Carmen and Willem got married a few years ago. They wanted to do a bit of a “trash the dress” shoot so we ended the shoot in the ocean.
I just love the movement of the dress in the water.
Table Mountain finishes this off beautifully!

Bride and gropm in a field at sunset

Ek het die foto in 2009 geneem op die Weskus. Ons was klaar met die couple shoot en oppad terug venue toe. Oppad terug ry ons verby hierdie landskap wat lyk asof dit in ‘n fliek hoort.
Natuurlik moes ons stop.
Ek het op my kar se dak gestaan om die hoek te kry.

Groom thrown with streamers

We’ve all watched the Matrix. 19 year old me: “Best movie EVER!”
Anyway, with Afrikaner weddings we have a tradition of not making it easy for the poor groom to say his “gevleuelde woorde”.
People use words, music, noise, spinning plates, water guns, streamers, balls etc. Basically anything to disrupt him.
In this case I got caught in the crossfire. I did lean back into it like Neo and I got really lucky!

Bride and groom on the beach at sunset

When I meet with the couple a few months before the wedding, we use an App on my phone to work out the exact sunset and couple shoot time.
This puts us in the best position to get a sunset.
Everything lined up in the case of this image. The fact that the ocean went from high tide to low tide meant that the wet sand effectively created a mirror which reflected the colours of the sky.

Silhouette of bride at a window

This was taken at a guesthouse in the beautiful Riebeek Kasteel. Retha’s bridesmaid helped her button up.
It’s one of those images where less detail (more shadows) is more story.
You can almost feel how content she is!

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