I would like to meet with the engaged couple once booked. It’s good to have a chat about the wedding, ideas, expectations and special requests that you might have. It’s crucial to then plan a realistic timeline that will maximise photo time and minimise guests’ waiting time. 

 When coming for a consultation I have a few suggestions.
* Have a look through my FAQ which should hopefully answer a few initial questions.
* Think a bit about a timeline of the wedding (ceremony, reception, etc.)
* Address and directions (where bride will be getting dressed, ceremony and reception)
* Think about questions you might have, even if it sounds trivial!


I am currently renting a space at Light Lounge Studios at the Cape Gate Decor Centre.

Consultations are normally done on Monday afternoons and evenings.

If you are from “Out of Town” contact me for alternative times.

Skype is also working really well if you are pressed for time.

Consultation hours

MONDAYS: 14:00 – 20:00


Cape Gate Decor Center,
Suite B,
(First floor above Blasters Entertainment Center)

C/o Belami and Nitida avenues


Contact us

082 556 7427
Email: info@riekertcloete.com

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