Week 03 Wedding tips

Wedding Tips: Groups (Week 3)

This is an interesting one. I will get couples that tell me in the consultation they don’t want posed shots. No group shots. On the wedding day the parents decide that this is crucial and in the end our
whole timeline gets screwed over. The parents are frustrated, the couple are frustrated, I am frustrated and it’s chaos. In the consultation, I thus always suggest that we do “group” shots.
It’s nice if you can take a photo of ALL the guests at some point. This works well during the pre-drinks. Everybody is there. We have some nice light. I always ask the couple to organise a ladder
from the venue. The higher my shooting point are… the better the shot. We then proceed with “smaller group shots” directly after that. It works well to make a list beforehand. It takes about 1 min per photo
so the more photos you want, the longer it’s going to take. I think a good number is roundabout 12. Also, think ahead about the structure of the list. Don’t put grandma in Photo 1 , 7 and 15. Rather group the photos
that she will be in together.
I always want the best man running the list. While I am busy with group 1 , they are busy getting group 2 ready. We also try to do these photos as close to the pre-drinks as possible.
If you can organise a nice couch this session can be very relaxed. You have the added advantage of having “levels”.
If unorganised this can be a very stressful chore.
If organised well this can be a fun part of the day.
I think it’s a nice to have and would suggest it for every wedding.

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Riekert Cloete

Riekert Cloete

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