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Welcome to my website.

Thank you for considering me to  possibly capture the best day of your life. I understand the weight and importance of it. . It is a huge decision  I never take granted the trust placed In my by my clients

I hope you enjoy your time spent here. I look forward to share my love for photography and life with you and I can’t wait getting to know you and hear about your upcoming perfect day.  The venue. The people. The stories.

As you will see I love working with people who are passionate about marriage, memories and being 100% themselves. Whatever that may be.

You are probably juggling many balls at once. It will get better. You will finalise the “important stuff” and the “not so important stuff.  
You will have an amazing wedding day. Your people will be there and it will be the best day ever…It always is.
Just to remember that the process is part of it. Have fun, laugh and enjoy the ride

Play around on  site, get to know me and if you feel we might be a good fit , drop me a line!

If you are keen, pop around sometime. I have great coffee and lame jokes.


Kind words by previous clients

My philosophy on wedding photography

Its about the people

As my journey through life continues I realise every day that in the end its all about people and relationships. Marriage is one of the greatest adventures you will ever go on. Yes your wedding is the start of this journey but it’s crucial that couples realise this day is about their marriage Not the details, not the cake, not the food, not the music, not the weather AND not the photos. Its about your partner, family and friends.

Time Travel

In the end you will hopefully look at the photos and be taken back to each moment. Remember the emotion. Remember the smells, Remember how everything felt. Remember the Laughs and the tears. Even I sometimes get teared up during the vows. (Do you know how difficult it is to stay focused then!)

Your Legacy

Capturing this is probably one of the most important responsibilities that I will ever have . I believe that documenting one’s legacy is a huge honour. Part of this is telling the story of your wedding day to your children and grandchildren. Documenting love and special moments between you and your loved ones and helping to create a family history will be my privilege. It’s a huge responsibility and I don’t take it lightly. This is not just a job for me, it’s my passion and that’s why I approach it with respect.

Being Present

Although the final product (photos) are what I am paid to do, the whole experience is crucial in you experiencing your day. We need to make sure you are in the moment, present and not missing out on anything.

My Style

I don’t’ like to pigeonhole myself into a particular style or genre. Every wedding and couple is different. Working with the ingredients that you get will influence the final product.

Unposed Meaningful Moments

When I started out 14 years ago this was the reason why people booked me. Getting beautiful, honest and authentic moments between loved ones has always been my number one goal.

Beautiful light

Beautiful light is at the core of my style. Big soft lighting is all around us. We need to see it. Sometimes we will have to help create it.

Locations and sunsets

If there is a sunset or beautiful location close-by, I will find it…or it finds me.



In the end its about you. Helping you achieve what you had envisioned for the day.

“Be prepared”

On the day I am extremely laid back and relaxed. I have seen everything. But, I do believe that the success of the wedding day is because of proper planning and preparation. That is why I will use my 14 years experience to help you create the best game-plan to get the most out if. Not only for the sake of the photos but also to make sure you don’t “miss” out on anything.

“Let the day unfold”

Once the day starts it’s like a rollercoaster. Yes I will be there next to you “holding your hands”, but this is a ride where you must swim with the current. I don’t work from Bridal book “Shot lists”. The story of your day will guide us. Although I love a group photo list

“Ninja shoes”

Getting the balance right between “being in the background” and “taking control when I need to” is probably one of the major skills a good wedding photographer needs. Sometimes I will be on the side with a zoom lens. Sometimes I will be in the middle of the dancefloor with a wide angle. I will have my quiet Ninja shoes on as well as my stupid lame-ass jokes ready. (according to Iza there are lots of them!)

“To pose” or “not to pose?”

Ahh, The big question! I hate posing myself. It feels weird and you can see it from a mile! In a perfect world we would all look like Instagram models looking perfect in every photo. However we are not in a perfect world. We have bad posture. We have double chins (sometimes) Its my job to make you look good when I need to. Don’t fret about it. In the end we want to get amazing portrait shots, real moments. Yes we will be away for one hour doing a couple shoot, but this is your own personal hour away from the chaos. The biggest kick I get is when the grooms actually enjoy this a lot more than they thought they would!

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