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Where are your customer’s attention in 2019?

We all do it. Whenever there is a 10 second delay in our day we take our smart phones and “kill time”. We don’t even see TV ads or billboards. It’s all about those little small square devices in out pockets. This means it’s the same for our clients. So where do we need to be to capture that attention? Yes, Digital media

People buy from people

Since the beginning of time People buy from people. Even with all these new platforms this will remain that way for years to come. So the question how do we translate your “Story” onto the correct digital channels.

Digital noise vs Digital identity

We all hate the spam, bombarding, selling, banners etc. So how do we separate ourselves from all the digital noise? By being authentic and true to your character and telling you and your company’s story. In the end you want to match your digital identity to who you are in the real world.

My vision:

Being a small business owner myself I am well aware of the challenges that every entrepreneur faces. The business world is constantly evolving and getting more crowded. I believe that small and medium businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. My vision is to help small business owners make more money for their families and community by standing out from the crowd.

Telling stories in business is the most powerful tool you will ever have

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