As a husband, and father of (now) two boys, I understand so well the challenge of making memories and getting all of us in! 

There is always somebody missing in the photos (normally me), so whenever we manage to capture all of us together it is indeed special.

As time keeps racing by and I see my boys becoming men I realize the importance of of treasuring and savouring these moments.

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Kind words by previous clients

My philosophy on Family photography

Stellenbosch Mountains
Its about the people

As my my boys grow older I continue realise every day that in the end its all about people and relationships. Its not about the house and the car and the new flat screen TV. Its about the people in your life. Memories and moments is the thing that will appreciate the most over time.

Time Travel

I am already trying to slow time down with my wife and boys. How long before they won't want to sit on my lap anymore? When on a family shoot I believe the experience must be this for parents. Yes, they can be little terrorists but lets allow them to run around, enjoy nature and take it in with them.

The experience

Although the final product (photos) are what I am paid to do, the whole experience is crucial in you experiencing your day. 

Yes we are there to get great photos but what about the memories attached to that day.

Let the Kids be Kids

I have two boys. I know the one moment you can take them to Buckingham palace, and the next moment you want to leave them at Buckingham palace. Moods change, Things change. It's ok. Let's play with them and enjoy the amazing world around us!

My Style

I don’t’ like to pigeonhole myself into a particular style or genre. Every wedding and couple is different. Working with the ingredients that you get will influence the final product.

Family in Campsbay

When I started out 14 years ago this was the reason why people booked me. Getting beautiful, honest and authentic moments between loved ones has always been my number one goal.

Beautiful light

Beautiful light is at the core of my style. Big soft lighting is all around us. We need to see it. Sometimes we will have to help create it.

Nature where possible

You will always notice mountains .


In the end its about you. Helping you achieve what you had envisioned for the day.

“Be prepared”

I provide my clients with some great advice about locations, clothing, what to expect and more tips. Normally when we shoot we rarely have too big surprises. This allows to go with the flow much more during the shoot.

“Go with the flow”

Yes we will get the "Formal" group shots, but the idea is to use the location and the people to guide us. This means everybody is a lot more relaxed and creatively opens up more options than working to a shot-list. Some kids are great at the beginning of the shoot. Some warm up only later.

“Engage with Kids”

All kids differ. Some are loud. Some are not. I have worked with all personalities. So this means each shoot will differ. Sometimes we will start out just shooting. Sometimes we have to build a bit of a relationship first.

“Sniper zoom lens"

I live my 80-200mm lens. This is where I get close , without getting close. We start the shoot very low key. This gives everybody time to get used to the strange dude with the big camera

“To pose” or “not to pose?”

I dream about a photoshoot where there is 0% posing involved. That would be the holy grail. I think we should coin a new term:

"intentional moments"
The idea is to create scenarioes in good locations with good light. Then we need the parents to engage with the kids. I will help with all of this on the day of the shoot

Props and Stuff

For weddings I am not big fan of props but for family shoots its great. If we give the kids "something" to focus on they lose a lot of the shyness which means great shots.

Boy laughing

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