Week 06 Wedding tips

Wedding Tips: Plains, Trains and Automobiles (Week 6)

Four to five years ago “The Wedding car” was still a major issue at weddings. It was almost as important as the wedding dress. Probably the groom’s stamp on the wedding day. Recently most of the weddings that we do all happen at the same venue, so the wedding car has become a bit redundant. I think the best route to go is to look at your personality and decide then. Maybe your new hubby is real Gearhead TopGear fanatic.  Then it might be a good idea to get a wedding car on the day.
If you get the latest Mercedes, BMW or Bugatti please make sure that your driver doesn’t believe he is Michael Schumacher. I have heard horror stories of the bride being in an accident on her way to the church. I once got left behind on the way to the church, because my car  could not do 200 km/h.  They had to wait for me at the church.
The old vintage cars are also very nice. However, if you need to drive far from the church to the wedding venue, it could take a very long time to get there, as they can’t go high speeds. Also, the car might even break down along the way.  Not ideal for a blushing bride.
A nice to way to involve the groom’s dad on the day is to get him to drive the bride and her dad to the church.
Please also tell the car’s owner NOT to polish the tyres of the car. You don’t want black marks on your wedding dress.
Also, ensure to give the driver proper directions and telephone numbers. Get his mobile number where possible.
Get your mom to pack some refreshments in a cooler back and provide your own music to really make the drive more fun.
Enjoy the ride!

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Riekert Cloete

Riekert Cloete

Celebrating 14 years as a professional photographer, Riekert Cloete is living in Durbanville, Cape Town, with his wife (Iza) and sons (Wilhelm and Jan-Frederick). He has an unhealthy affinity for litchis, loves rugby and sometimes fluffs bridal dresses on Saturdays. He lives for telling stories through photography. He also refers to himself in the 3rd person when writing his own bio.