Week 09 Wedding tips

Wedding tips: Guestbooks (Week 9)

Traditionally guest books were a bit of a boring part of the wedding.  You had a very formal book and people wished you well in it. It was bland and very unimaginative.
But these days there are so many options that are a lot more fun!
Engagement/personal photo book
I recently took a couple’s personal photos as well as some engagement photos we took for them and did a square coffee table book.  There were a few white blocks left open so that guests could write messages in it. The nice thing about the book is that you have a history of your relationship in book form now PLUS it’s entertaining for the guests.
Polaroid camera
Guests take photos, stick them in the book and write messages next to it. This works especially well during pre-drinks.
You print a big canvas with a photo of you and a blue sky or even beach in it.  The open space left on the canvas can be used as writing space for the guests.
Photo booth
This is a great way to get cool photos and maybe even write messages on the back. They normally print a copy for the guests as well the bridal couple.
Video Messages
A video booth where you leave messages “Big Brother” style.
You can give people small canvasses or something to paint on.
It’s crucial to keep reminding your guests to make use of the message tools. They tend to leave it until the end of the evening and then you get half a book as all are tired and a bit tipsy! This works really well during pre-drinks. You can even designate a best man or bridesmaid to organise this.
Hope you guys have Merry Christmas tomorrow. Remember what it is all about and cherish your loved ones!

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Riekert Cloete

Riekert Cloete

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