Week 08 Wedding tips

Wedding tips: Confetti (Week 8)

The Confetti part of the wedding has and always will be a great deal of fun and makes for great photos. It’s the first time the guests can say congratulations and pour “blessing” over the couple.
According to www.weddinggs.co.uk:
“Confetti is Italian for sweets which in Italy are thrown over the couple as they emerge from the Church in that same way we use paper confetti. Raisins and nuts may also be used.
Before the use of paper confetti, the married couple was showered with flowers, petals, rice or grains. This was to bestow prosperity and fertility on the couple.”
When choosing the colour of the confetti, always think about the background. E.g.. Green won’t be seen against green. Rice can be very small and not visible on photos. It is also hard and can end up in uncomfortable places!
Bubbles don’t work on a windy day. So think a bit practically about the confetti and the venue that you have. R50 notes work well!
Ask the MC to organize all the guests in two long rows that is wide enough. If the rows are too close together, visibility becomes difficult and guests step into the walkway and in front of me, which means your lovely wedding photos are ruined by your Aunt’s “Groenie die Draak” outfit.
Walk slowly if you are the star of the day and enjoy the petals and cheers. Don’t try to dodge the confetti. I promise it won’t hurt. If you smile and walk proudly the photos will look great!

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Riekert Cloete

Riekert Cloete

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