Week 14 Wedding tips

Wedding Tips: Cake Cutting area (Week 14)

Cape Town Photographer - Cake cutting

I find it sometimes so odd that professionals will spend days to prepare the most amazing cake just to put it on a table, in a corner, next to a Fire hydrant.
The cake looks amazing but your eyes are immediately drawn to the BIG RED FIRE HYDRANT. Rather look for a location with a plain background. Your cake cutting photo will look great and the focus will be on you.
Alternatively, ask the staff to put the cake on a trolley and roll it out to the middle of the  dance floor.

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Riekert Cloete

Riekert Cloete

Celebrating 14 years as a professional photographer, Riekert Cloete is living in Durbanville, Cape Town, with his wife (Iza) and sons (Wilhelm and Jan-Frederick). He has an unhealthy affinity for litchis, loves rugby and sometimes fluffs bridal dresses on Saturdays. He lives for telling stories through photography. He also refers to himself in the 3rd person when writing his own bio.