Wedding horse, love under a tree, rings and the Twelve Apostles

bride on horse

Amy wanted to incorporate a horse into their wedding shoot. Bringing animals into wedding shoots is very tricky. Not only are animals unpredictable but keeping the dress clean is a mission on it’s own.
In this case we had the perfect bride, the perfect horse, perfect light and some luck on our side.

wedding couple under a tree

This image was shot by my second shooter Lloyd Lottering. We did the lighting setup and I’m actually sitting behind the couple on my “hurke” (who knows what hurke means, but anyway)
We played around with a few setups and Nikki and Rudy were super patient with us.
401 Rozendal was the amazing location for this shoot.

two gold rings

Why do we in South Africa wear rings on the left hand?
Wearing the ring on the left hand is a relatively new tradition dating to the 18th century.
It is suggested that it became a sign of the respectfulness with which the woman relates to her husband. Before the Second World War men didn’t wear wedding rings. Soldiers who fought far away from home began to wear them as a comforting reminder of their beloved wives.
Wedding rings are primarily a symbol of your love, and there’s no law requiring them to be worn on one hand or another. So the choice is yours!

the twelve apostles venue

Whenever I drive along Victoria road in Camps Bay I’m magically drawn to the Twelve Apostles Hotel.
I occasionally do weddings there, it literally feels like an escape to some exotic overseas location.
This place is truly one of the gems in Cape Town. Not only are the views and food amazing, but their staff and wedding team 5 stars!

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